Get Rich and Retire Early: 3 Tips to a Healthy Savings and Retirement

Who doesn’t want to get rich and retire early? Most people apparently. We see them retired from one job yet working two more part-time just to pay rent and medical bills. It’s not hard to save money and stay healthy but most people don’t seem to get it. Working overtime, staying in, and preserving your health are the three best ways to keep money in the bank and guarantee that your retirement is not burdened with unnecessary bills.
1: Work overtime: Rather than leave the office early on Friday afternoons, stay until five and put some hours in Saturday mornings. You will enjoy your free time much more after you have truly earned it. And those extra hours Saturday morning add up. Think of yourself as trading in them for a couple extra early years off when you’re approaching retirement. Especially if you get paid in time and a half or double time! Put that extra cash towards a down payment to a house and avoid paying rent!
2: Stay in: Going out Saturday night? Dinner? Drinks? Taxi home? Those hundreds of dollars a month add up to thousands over the years. Bring the party to your house. Have a potluck. BYOB. Not only will you save thousands of dollars, but the friendships you develop over back-yard barbecues are far more meaningful than the friendships you develop at a nightclub. Put those savings towards your mortgage and pay off your home early!
3: Stay fit: Smoking, drinking and inactivity will lead you to an old age full of medical bills. Staying as healthy as possible in your youth will help mitigate the cost of old age. Ditch the cigarettes, limit the booze, and start jogging. Not only is exercise free, but staying fit will help ensure you don’t suffer from unnecessary medical bills in your retirement.